Advisory Cycle

Focused on What You Can Control.

Typical issues that arise in the cycle:

  • Too much time spent operating vs. long-term planning/thinking.
  • “Why can’t we get things done?”
  • Commercialization pathways are weak / inconsistent.
  • Lack of process / systems / KPIs leads to unclear understanding of performance.
  • Organizational structure is not clear; missing key resources.
  • Organic growth limit reached; scaling infrastructure required.

Resolution of issues brings:

  • Time to focus on core vision and long term goals.
  • Process, system and KPI data provide accurate measurement of business performance.
  • A controlled environment for growth, appropriately sized for scaling.
  • Improved business process speed, agility and efficiency.

Resolution achieved through:

  • Operations and organizational planning.
  • Business process improvement.
  • KPI / metrics development and management.

Delivered through on-demand advisory services:

  • Project-based
    • One-time need, i.e. re-organize the project management governance model.
  • Program-based
    • For a multi-week period, i.e. implement a business performance system including metrics reporting and analysis.
  • Whole-business based
    • As an embedded fractional team member, i.e. adjust structure and processes to add B2B services and products to a B2C business.